Looking for a group tour to Libya?

If you are looking to travel to Libya with a group of People, why not consider posting your dates to see if others will join your tour. Because we specialize in private tours and there is not enough interest to offer group tours to Libya at the moment, Libya Travel & Tours has come up with another solution: Post Your Dates to Libya

Scheduled Tour Dates

Oct 29, 2012: Libya Explorer Tour – 14 Days – More Information
**NOTE: Due to desert travel still being “off limits” for tourist travel at this point, we have adjusted our Small Group tour to our Best of Libya Tour – 13 Days. Please contact us for more detailed and updated information.

How does it work?

If you are willing to commit to a tour and time frame (deposit required), we will post your dates of travel on our website. We will then allow other travelers to join your tour dates. If no one else joins your group, you will need to decide whether you still want to go on the tour.

What about pricing?

Because you are willing for others to join your tour, we will set the pricing at the small group level which is less expensive than the private tours. The tour will run for 2 people even if no one else joins at the group rate.


We will let you know 2 months before the travel dates how many travelers are joining the tour. You can choose whatever dates work best for you!