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Successful Libya Tourist Visa

UPDATED NOTE MAY 2014: Tourist visas have been SUSPENDED in Libya for the time being. We will post when they become available once again. The word is that they will be available after the elections in Libya, but those election dates have not yet been set.

FEB. 2014: Tourist visas are definitely available for travel to Libya! Currently they are ONLY for pick-up at the Tripoli Airport upon arrival, and a package tour with a local tour company is required. Overland travel is currently not allowed or recommended and there are restrictions on who can apply. Nationalities that seem to be able to acquire visas for travel to Libya are Europeans, South Americans, Australians, Russians, Japanese, New Zealanders, South Africans, Canadians, and Americans. Safety-wise, travel in and around Tripoli (including Leptis Magna and Sabratha) is what is recommended at this point. Ghadames is also okay if you fly there and do not travel by road. Feel free to contact us for more information. We’d love to help you plan a trip to Libya!

JAN. 2014: We are beginning to get word that tourist visas MAY be available again to Libya with the start of 2014 through the Ministry of Tourism. We do not yet know the details and/or restrictions, but we believe that using a tour company to book your hotel stay, a professional tour guide, and private transportation will likely be required to go along with the tourist visa.

OCT. 2013: Tourist Visas to Libya were suspended in August 2012 and have not yet reopened! Business visas are available (for SOME nationalities) for business travel ONLY, but the price is significantly more expensive.

April 2012: Tourism Visas for Libya are now officially open! Yesterday we had our first visitors to Libya, since the revoultion, come on tourism visas issued through the ministry or tourism in Tripoli. We were pleased with the process and how simply everything went.

Libya Tourist Visa Process
Our visitors provided our tour company a scanned copy of their passports. We then applied directly to the ministry of tourism for their tourist visas. After a few days, we were given a copy of the granted visa letter which was emailed to the visitors. Continue Reading

Libya Business Visa Process – The Hague

We were recently made aware of the process needed to obtain a Libyan visa in The Hague, Netherlands, and wanted to make that information available to others. Once your letter of invitation from a host company in Libya is obtained, and your visa number is processed in Tripoli and faxed to The Hague, the following are required: 2 photos, a copy of your passport, and a copy of your ticket (or a letter stating that you are going overland). The stamps cost €60 each, and they’re only open on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11 until 1 o’clock. They require one week to process things.

Libya Tourist Visas Reopens

Yesterday, the ministry of tourism announced in a meeting that they were reopening the tourist visas to Libya. These new Libya tourist visas will be issued only to those people looking to travel along the north coast of Libya. At this point in time, the Sahara Desert will be off limits to Libya tourists.

Libya Tourist Visa – The Procedure
It appears that the old system is returning to place! In order to get a tourist visa, you will be required to be hosted by a local Libyan travel company. Your travel company will need a scanned copy of your passport and dates of travel to present to the immigration department in the tourism ministry. Your host company will also provide them with your itinerary and hotel information which will prove that you are visiting Libya for tourism purposes. The visas are normally granted a few days before arrival in country and can be picked up upon arrival in Tripoli.

Libya Tours
In the past, tourists have been required to have a tourism guide and police escort them during their stay in Libya. At this point, we have not heard if this will remain the same or change, but we can assume they are going back to the old way of doing business. Libya Travel & Tours offers excellent services for guides, tours, and hotels for those looking to travel to Libya.

Need a Libya Tourist Visa?
Please contact us today for your Libya Tour and we will help you get your tourism visa from on the ground in Libya.

Are tourist visas to Libya available yet?

Yes!…Tourist visas are back in Libya as of the end of April 2012! Some restrictions do apply though…These new Libya tourist visas will be issued only to those people looking to travel along the north coast of Libya. At this point in time, the Sahara Desert will be off limits to Libya tourists and there may still be a few nationalities for whom we cannot obtain visas. To read more about the procedure for tourist visas, click here.

We do also continue to have a service provider that we have been using that has been able to obtain business visas for those coming to do business in Libya. We realize that the pricing is rather HIGH for business visas, but unfortunately that is the way it is. The price that we have to offer for the 6 month multiple entry visa is US$750 per person…this covers the cost of finding a business to host you to write the visa letter of invitation, which is then taken to the immigration office to obtain an electronic visa number, and is then faxed to the Libyan Embassy of your choice closest to you. You should also realize that there is then the additional cost of having the visa placed in your passport at the Embassy.

Can I get a visa at the airport in Tripoli?

Getting a business visa at the airport in Tripoli requires the same process as getting the visas through a Libyan Embassy…you MUST first apply for the stamped and approved letter of invitation through the immigration office in Tripoli using a service provider. Not all service providers are able to have the visa number sent to the airport…in some ways, this is an exception…so be sure to ask ahead of time if this is possible If your visa comes through to be obtained at the airport, you will be sent an electronic copy of the visa letter that you MUST print and carry with you on the plane. Upon arrival in Tripoli, there is an office with glass windows off to the right in the passport control area…you will need to take your passport and the letter there, and they will hand-write the visa to be placed in your passport. The cost for this part of the process in the airport is 100.50 LYD for the one month single entry visa. If needed, they will hold your passport and allow you to go downstairs to the arrival area to exchange money to make this payment.

What costs are there for a business visa?

There are TWO main costs involved in obtaining a business visa for Libya. The first one is the cost for the visa service provider from within Libya, which is what our tour company helps with. SEE OUR LIST OF VISA PRICING! This covers the cost of having the service provider find a local business to “host” you for your letter of invitation to Libya, taking your passport to the immigration office in Tripoli, applying for the electronic visa number, and having that number faxed to the Libyan Embassy of your choice. The second cost that you will have to cover SEPARATELY is that of actually getting the visa itself stamped in your passport at the Libyan Embassy of your choice. Depending on the length of the visa (one month single entry vs. 6 month multiple entry), the cost can vary between US$80-US$250.

Libya Business Process – London

We just wanted to update our readers with the most current visa information from those collecting their visas in London. The fee is 100GBP for the actual visastamp; they accept passports for visas on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 10-12:30 in the morning; the passports have to be delivered in person, but it sounds like one person can take multiple in; there is a form that has to be filled out as well; and once they have the passport it’s a 48 turn  around. One can either pick up the completed passport after the 48 hours or provide them with a registered mail, self addressed envelope and they will drop it in the mail when it’s completed, returned within 24 hours of posting.

For those looking to get a Libya Business Visa, please check out our page on pricing and proceedure.

Libya Business Visa

Almost every other day we receive a request from someone looking to come to Libya on a business visa. They see the huge potential that Libya has to offer in the area of business (training, development, investment etc…) and are hoping to establish a presence in the country. These travelers are asking the same questions: Can you offer a business visa from the immigration of Libya and how much does it cost?

Can we offer a business visa?
We have been successfully able to obtain business visas for our clients (although there are restrictions on some nationalities…see list below pricing), however, we have chosen to use a service company to handle these dealings for us. We need to provide them with a scanned copy of your passport, when you are looking to travel, your profession and your fee (refundable if we don’t received the visa). With this information, we can get you the necessary visa for travel.

How much does it cost?
To be honest the actual business visa is very cheap if done directly by a Libyan company for you. Continue Reading

Obtaining a Libya Visa

Over the past few years, traveling to Libya has not been the easiest thing, especially trying to obtain the appropriate visa. In addition, from November 2007 to November 2010, all travelers to Libya were required to have an Arabic translation of personal biographic data along with their passports. This is not currently a requirement, but could become one again, and is an important addition to include along with a traveler’s passport and Libya visa.

There are really only two types of visas into Libya; tourist and business. We want to make all the information as clear as possible to help you in your process of obtaining the correct visa to be able to travel to and enjoy all that Libya has to offer. Please contact us if you have additional questions about the visa process or if you need more specific information pertaining to your country and the visa process.

Tourist Libya Visa (currently not available)

When looking to travel to Libya on a tourist visa, the easiest way is to work through a local travel agent or tour operator. European and United States tourists alike apply to obtain a Libya visa through tour operators licensed in Libya, and the tour operators, in turn, file the paperwork with the Libyan government. Normally, you are required to give the tour operator a scanned copy of your passport and the dates of travel; they in turn submit your application for a visa. From our experience, the local agent can only apply for the visa 2 weeks before travel and the visa approval letter is send only 3-7 days before arrival in country. By presenting this letter upon arrival in country, the visa is stamped into your passport. For those wishing to try to obtain the visa through the Libya Embassy (People’s Bureau), you will need a letter of invitation by your sponsoring travel agent.

It is important to not use a tourist Libya visa to conduct business in Libya because this violates Libyan law. Rather, you’ll need to use a business Libya visa. Please see below for more information on how to obtain a Business Libya visa.

Business Libya Visa (available ONLY for business travelers)

The business visa seems to be a little vague. What is very clear, though, is that you will need a sponsoring business to apply for your business Libya visa. What is unclear is the cost! From our experience, we have been quoted business visas ranging in price from 150 euros to 1500 euros. The process for the business visa is similar to the tourist visa, but be sure to not use a business visa and a tourist visa interchangeably. You will need to provide your host business with a copy of your passport and dates of travel and they in turn need to make the application for you to the government. Approval is sent to the traveler a few days before departure.

General Entry and Exit Information

Travelers to Libya will need both a visa and a passport. The Libyan government requires all visa applicants appear in person at a Libyan embassy when applying for a visa. Currently this requirement is only enforced in Paris and London, but it will change and is an important requirement to be aware of.

It is important to be aware an Arabic translation of the traveler’s passport may be required and has been in the past. It is also necessary to register with the local police station in Libya, or the traveler could have problems during the time in country or when trying to exit.

Additionally, it is important to note that Libya operates as a cash society, with a limited number of businesses accepting Visa and Mastercard credit cards. There are also some ATMs in Tripoli and money transfer services at both Tripoli International Airport and in the city itself. Lastly, travelers can transfer money through some banks.

It is recommended a traveler’s passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of the trip and there are blank pages for the Libya visa. There also cannot be an Israeli stamp in the traveler’s passport.

Embassy Information for United States Citizens

United States citizens can find out more information from the Libyan Embassy in Washington, D.C. at address 2600 Virginia Avenue NW, Suite 705, Washington, DC 20037. The Libyan Embassy can be reached by phone at 202-944-9601 or fax at 202-944-9606. United States citizens can also visit the Department of State website with information on Libya at