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If you wish to travel to Libya, the first thing you must do is find a good travel agent in Libya. A valuable travel agent will be able to connect with the Libyan people, while still being able to communicate with you. This is important as you might run into a problem while in Libya, and need someone that can figure everything out quickly and efficiently. Good travel agents must be able to plan your stay, help you with all travel hassles, and obtain your visa. A top-notch travel agent will ensure an incredible experience for you and your entire group.

There are a wide range of different travel companies. Some are based in Libya, providing an advantage of being familiar with the culture and language. AlBaraka Travel, for example, is able to easily communicate with the Libyan people, because they live in Libya and have had experience with them. Their main focus is on desert tours, as they are from the Tuareg people. Another prime example is Sukra Travel & Tourism. They are known as one of the best agencies in Libya, because of their ability to host a variety of tours. They offer anything from small groups to large organized events.

Other travel agencies are based overseas, making it easier to relate to you. If anything should go wrong, they would be able to understand your problems and fix them. Simoon Travel is proud to be the first UK operator to offer tours to Libya. After their many years of experience, they are well equipped to serve you in the best possible way. Another UK based company is Fulani Travel. They have been focusing on African tourism for over 20 years, providing them with valuable understanding and much practice. They propose only two different itineraries, but those two show only the highlights and must-sees of Libya so you wouldn’t miss much.

Each travel agent or travel agency has its own specialties. Some only offer desert tours and 4×4 travels. Others specialize in the ruins, such as Leptis Magna and other various roman ruins. They concentrate on exploring history and the ancient civilizations of the world. To choose an agent, you must decide what you desire to see, and pick the agents best suited for that type of travel.

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