Custom Design Travel to Libya

Libyan Culture



Libya is an Islamic country where rules and norms of the Koran are stridently followed. All the travelers are supposed to follow the same lines and have to pay homage to all the sacred and religious places. Any person who is offends any religious crime is entitled to severe corporal punishment. The use of alcoholic drinks and smoking is strictly banned in public areas. The banquets and rites of religious interest are enjoyed in this country with proper reverence. Continue Reading

Folklore Dancing

Libya is well known for its folklore dancing. For many centuries, Libyans have been enjoying music and dance in their culture.  One of the most popular dance forms is to Tuareg music which is very well accepted and liked in Ghadames. Continue Reading



The music culture of Libya is very popular and this country is best known for different kinds of folk music. This vast empire has summed up different anecdotes from time to time and the consequences are before the eyes of all mankind. Libya has immense probability of being acknowledged as one of the largest audience pullers on account of majestic ambience. This country is an Islamic nation full of a variety of feasts and celebrations. Stern philosophy of Islamism is executed and all the visitors are counseled to follow the same path. On the occasion of different festivals like Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha, all Muslims are entitled to pay due reverence and contentment to the core. The music groups perform at different occasions and the eminence of music is acknowledged worldwide. Continue Reading

The Arts

Libyan art is famous for different reasons; one of the most significant reasons is the embellishment of archeological sites. The art of this country is acknowledged worldwide because this land has produced various great personalities and all these personalities belong to different art forms such as painting, writing and others. One of the most noticeable personalities is Ali Omar Ermes who is best known for his writing, speaking and communal activities. He gives various speeches in international forums from time to time and his articles have been published in many magazines. Continue Reading