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Looking for an authentic travel package of some of the top places to visit in Libya? Browse through our TRUSTED TOURS. Looking for something extra special? Need some help in designing and planning your future trip to Libya? Libya Travel & Tours offers CUSTOM DESIGN TOUR planning services. Based out of Tripoli, we have an international staff waiting to serve you. Offering family travel, BUSINESS TRAVEL, honeymoon packages, and more.

Before You Go!

As you begin to research your potential travel to Libya, you will want to check out our travel tips. Read up on the VISA REGULATIONS, travel warnings, or take a look at some of our cultural insights.. Read more about history, culture, and travel to better prepare you for your trip! For some people, PLANNING THE TRIP is a fun part of the travel process and is a valuable part of the tour. Enjoy planning your trip!

Libya “Must See” Sites

Libya has perhaps some of the best ROMAN RUINS in the whole world. From LEPTIS MAGNA to SABRATHA, Libya offers the most amazing historical sites. For those wishing to experience the desert, the Sahara of Libya is absolutely amazing including the desert lake region. For those interested in “Rock Art,” Libya boasts some of the finest. Libya is a part of the UNESCO world heritage list and well worth a visit.

Latest Libya Tour Information

Amazing Libyan Cuisine

Libyan cuisine is influenced by Mediterranean delights. Libya located in Northern Africa enjoys some of the most flavorful dishes you can experience. Whether you want to learn to cook the dishes or you just want to taste what Libya has to offer, your taste buds are guaranteed to be delighted.

Libyan cuisine will always use olive oil. Olive oil has many healing properties and is considered a health food. There isn’t many dishes served which don’t use olive oil. Other major items used in Libyan cuisine include dates, olives, milk and grains.

Grains are used for cakes, soups and breads while the dates are used for syrups. Interestingly the breads used to be made in the sand. The sand in Libya is hot, the perfect temperature for baking stunning flat breads.

Socializing with family and friends is an important part of the Libyan culture, often completed with a cup of very strong tea. The tea here is almost like syrup, made from red tea leaves and served in small tea cups.
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Hiking Opportunities in Libya

When you think of Libya, you immediately think of stretches of coastline and cities brimming with ruins. But Libya offers a great outdoor wonderland, filled with natural beauty and spectacular landscapes, Libya is a top choice for hikers.

There are three hiking opportunities that are worth mentioning, of course they are not the only ones in Libya. All you have to do is wander through Libya and you’ll find a hiking trail, but these offer an overall hiking experience, an opportunity you will never forget.

Erg Ubari
As you make your way deep into the Sahara Desert in Libya you will notice two high peaks. Your camel will slowly make its way through the golden sand and dunes, the sun will be on your back and you’ll be soaking up the magnificent landscape. The highest dune to the north is called Erg Ubari.

Hiking to the top of Erg Ubari is an accomplishment and once you get there you can enjoy some of the most panoramic views of the desert, a picture perfect moment as you enjoy your sense of accomplishment.
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Exploring the Desert Cities of Libya

The Libyan Desert is a highlight for anyone traveling to Libya. Al Kufrah is one of the desert cities you will find and is often seen as an oasis when exploring the desert with its large market where you can purchase a host of great traditional items.

Interestingly though, Al Kufrah isn’t a very busy tourist area because it’s so hidden in the desert, but it gives any holiday maker a chance to soak up some history, learn about the culture and buy souvenirs for back home.

There are three areas around Al Kufrah that you can visit, these are Al Wahat, Jufra and Murzuq, each one offers you a unique Libyan experience.

Al Wahat
Al Wahat is very rich in history and culture from spectacular museums to galleries and magnificent mosques. While non-Muslims cannot go inside the mosques, you are able to soak up the traditional architecture as you make your way around the outside of these buildings.

Jufra is quite close to Al Kufrah and is a desert oasis filled with natural springs, golden dunes and towering mountains. Being rich in natural beauty, this area is a welcome Read the rest of this entry »

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